Keeping on ice

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Fallston junior K.C. Chaney plays defense on the school's club ice hockey team, which starts it season next week. Chaney, 6 feet, also is a defenseman on the Harford North Stars Midget recreation team, and has busy Mondays where he goes through two practices after school. Not that he's complaining, because he'll do anything to be on the ice.

Chaney also made the Academic All-Stars the past two years, which are selected by the Maryland Scholastic Hockey League. He was the lone Harford County representative both years, with weighted grade point averages of 4.3 and 4.1, respectively.

At Fallston, he keeps busy off the ice, serving on the Chemathon team, a science club that meets weekly. His North Star teammates have nicknamed him "The Professor."

What got you interested in hockey?

It was actually watching the Olympics in 2002. I was watching the sport and really liked the fact that it was indoors. I had played soccer for a while, and I didn't like the running and getting overheated. That was horrible. I was looking for something else.

How difficult was it at first?

It was pretty hard because I started late, and I had to learn to skate and about stick-handling. It took me about two years before I even got on to the North Stars team when I was 13. I got on Fallston's team when I was 14.

Did you like it despite the initial difficulties?

I loved the sport. I liked the indoor rink, despite the cold. It was just so much better than what I had done previously.

When did you first know you were picking things up?

It was my second year being on a team, so I was 13 or 14. That's when I first moved back to defense and I was able to see things develop and see plays and stuff. I had played wing and center, but this was much better for me.

Who is your favorite hockey player?

It was Jaromir Jagr. My dad was a big Penguins fans, and we'd go up to Pittsburgh and watch games and stuff. I was always fascinated by him.

How good will your Fallston team be this year?

We should be great. Our main squad is almost all juniors and seniors. Last year, we had a good year and we have most everybody back. We should be really good.

What's in your iPod?

It's a lot of classic rock right now. There's some Beatles, some Queen, some Journey. It's just what I grew up listening to and the words are familiar to me, and I like it.

What fascinates you so much about chemistry?

I just like how it explains the world. It's just neat to know how things work and how things interact with each other. It's nice to get a visual aid instead of being told what it is. It's nice to see for yourself.

Is hockey at all like chemistry?

I guess to some degree. You have to all interact with each other. You have to have at least a degree of attraction between your players or not a lot will get done.

If you could meet one person in the world for 30 minutes and talk, who would it be?

I guess Brian Pothier of the Washington Capitals. He's just such a smart defenseman and doesn't take stupid penalties. I like how he reads the game.

How much did being picked for the Academic All-Stars mean to you?

It was really nice, just to get a sense that people are recognizing that you're a good student as well as an athlete. It's nice to say that I'm one of the smartest hockey players in Harford County.

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