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Two students charged in fires set at Mervo

The Baltimore Sun

Two students at Mergenthaler-Vocational Technical High School have been arrested in connection with fires set at the school, police said.

Five small fires have been set in bathrooms and hallways at Mervo in the past two weeks, said schools police Chief Marshall "Toby" Goodwin.

The two students, whose names were not released because they are juveniles, were caught on the school's surveillance cameras setting two of the fires, Goodwin said. They have been charged with first-degree arson and second-degree malicious burning.

Goodwin confirmed reports that the school was not evacuated during one of the fires this week. He said the fire had been quickly contained.

Two school police officers are assigned to Mervo. Goodwin said the school system is working to have hall monitors sent there, and a firefighter is checking in regularly.

None of the fires has caused significant damage to the building, Goodwin said. Students and parents have complained about significant disruptions of class time.

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