Three U.S. soldiers die, two are injured in explosions in Iraq

The Baltimore Sun

BAGHDAD -- Three U.S. soldiers were killed in northern Iraq, the military said yesterday, while 14 Iraqis were killed in bombings around Baghdad and east of the capital.

Two American soldiers died when their car struck an explosive device Tuesday in Nineveh province, north of Baghdad, the military said. Two other soldiers were wounded in that attack. A U.S. soldier, on patrol in Salahuddin province, was killed when a bomb ripped apart his vehicle.

The blasts raised U.S. fatalities in October to 39, the lowest monthly total since March 2006, when 31 died.

Explosions in Baghdad, Diyala province and Sadiya, east of Baqubah, claimed the lives of 14 Iraqis and wounded 19 others.

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