The alienation of a boy in 'Martian'

The Baltimore Sun

The story of a single man who reluctantly takes a weird kid under his wing and ends up with a kooky, cobbled-together family of his own, Martian Child would like to be About a Boy (Who Thinks He's a Martian), but, disappointingly, it doesn't even come close.

Based on a novel by science-fiction writer David Gerrold, the movie stars John Cusack as David Gordon, a science-fiction writer who adopts a 6-year-old boy two years after the death of his wife. The kid is called Dennis (Bobby Coleman), and he's a skinny, squeaky-voiced oddball whose many eccentricities include wearing a weight belt to keep from floating away and walking around inside a cardboard box to protect himself from the sun.

Martian Child (New Line Cinema) Starring John Cusack, Bobby Coleman. Directed by Menno Meyjes. Rated PG. Time 108 minutes.


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