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A second-round pick in the 2005 draft, Ravens offensive tackle Adam Terry is scheduled to take the field Sunday for the first time since spraining his left ankle against the San Francisco 49ers on Oct. 7. A New York native who played at Syracuse, Terry longs for the upstate area's weather.

Do you miss the winters you got in your hometown of Queensbury, N.Y.?

Yeah. It's not very often in Maryland that you go out and you see 3 feet of snow that accumulated overnight. But on the other hand, it's nice to walk outside and not have to shovel ever. When people are going 35 mph on 795 or 695, I'm the idiot going 65 because to me it's not that big of a deal. But I miss it, I miss it.

What's the worst snowstorm you ever endured?

We had one at Syracuse that was awful. It was the first time they canceled school at Syracuse since 1993. In 1993, they had a tornado sweep through South Campus, which is a part of our housing. It was almost as big as [left guard] Jason Brown, the snowfall.

Where's the best place you have vacationed?

I went to Jamaica in the offseason, and it was beautiful. It was about 80 degrees in the middle of February. The water was crystal blue, and you're swimming with the fish. It was a good time.

Could you retire there?

No. I want to be in the mountains near a lake. There's too many sharks and stuff like that. I'd rather it be stagnant water.

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