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Noble Lake

The Baltimore Sun

Hometown -- Baltimore

Current members --James Sarsgaard, vocals, guitar and banjo; Andy Stack, upright bass and vocals; Jenn Wasner, banjo, harmonium, guitar and vocals

Founded in --2006

Style --pre-radio modern country

Influenced by --The Carter Family, Townes Van Zandt, Neil Young

Notable --For its first full-length album, titled Heyday, the group set up a few mikes in a friend's house and played live. They finished most of the CD in just one day. It should be released in December on Creative Capitalism.

Quotable --"I really enjoyed the bare-bones live recording session," Sarsgaard said. "But on the next one, I want to hear a slicker, more polished sound."

Hear Noble Lake on Tuesday at Current Gallery, 30 S. Calvert St. Doors open at 9 p.m. Go to currentspace.com. The band: myspace.com/noblelake.

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