Who's next?

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Five story lines to watch

1. Will the Lakers trade Kobe Bryant (right)?

2. Will Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen vault the Celtics back to Eastern Conference pre-eminence?

3. Will fans regain trust in officials after the Tim Donaghy betting scandal?

4. Will Kevin Durant emerge as the league's next multiskilled superstar?

5. Will any team challenge the Spurs-Mavericks-Suns troika in the West?

Rookies worth watching

Kevin Durant, SuperSonics: Second pick in draft will score right away, but efficient shooting and solid defense might have to wait.

Al Horford, Hawks: Has the physical maturity and big-game experience to handle the NBA paint.

Al Thornton, Clippers: Plenty of shots available on Western also-ran.

Rodney Stuckey, Pistons: Could be a key cog off the bench for an NBA Finals contender.

Teams on the upswing

Rockets: New depth and up-tempo style make Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady happy.

Celtics: No depth, but they might not need it with new star power.

Nuggets: Not quite up to challenging in the West, but could win 55 games with Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony.


Likely to disappoint

Warriors: Postseason aside, they played like a .500 team last season.

Heat: Ailing Dwyane Wade and too-old, too-heavy Shaquille O'Neal mean title days are past.

Raptors: Too many of their players are due for slight drop-offs.

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