Glimpsed in Charles Village

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Wearing a work uniform often seems to me like it would be a great gift. At the very least it would eliminate 20 or 30 minutes of closet-scouring every morning. And at best, it would save you money to buy the clothes you really want to wear in the rest of your life.

It's especially cool to see how Emily Vollherbst - who is required to wear all black at her job as a cashier at Eddie's grocery in Charles Village - jazzes up the dress code.

Even in a uniform, her personal style shows through, and you know exactly who she is.

Age: 20

Residence: Bolton Hill

School: General Fine Arts major at Maryland Institute College of Art.

Self-described style: "I've always been inspired by a mixture of Katharine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn. ... I try to apply their styles to my style, but with what I have."

The look: Black high-neck, ruffle-collar blouse. Black sweater vest. Black BDG skinny pants. Navy skimmer flats. Ornate bracelet in ivory and gold.

Where it came from: Blouse, H&M.; Sweater, Anne Klein. Jeans, Urban Outfitters. Flats, Bakers. Bracelet, an African-French store in New York's Greenwich Village.

Hepburn-happy: "They (Katharine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn) both have a classic style. With Katharine, I like button-down blouses. I like how she had a very strong look and it was always very polished and it fit her well and I also like Katharine Hepburn because she had kind of a similar body style to me. Audrey Hepburn, I always just really appreciated the beauty and the simplicity of her clothes."

Shopping basics and better: "I get a lot of my basic things from either H&M; or American Apparel, and then Urban Outfitters is where I can get things that are a little bit more frilly and things that have more substance to the clothes. I also like vintage things and I like things that look a little used and worn so I go to thrift stores or vintage stores or I go to eBay."

Equestrian-style: "And then there's a few things that I have forever. I used to be a horseback rider, so I have a lot of equestrian shirts and I wear my riding boots a lot."

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