Union reigns as champ in athlete dating match

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Today's sports matchup: Alyssa Milano vs. Gabrielle Union.

Over at one of Mr. Flip's favorite Web sites, thebiglead.com, there is a tale of the tape of sorts, comparing the two actresses for their lists of athletes whom they have dated.

Milano went through a starting rotation's worth of major league pitchers - Josh Beckett, Brad Penny, Barry Zito and Carl Pavano. Before connecting with the New York Yankees' Derek Jeter, Union was linked to NBA All-Star Jason Kidd, Michigan running back Chris Howard (her ex-husband) and NFL defensive back Darren Sharper.

Dismissing all of Milano's pitchers except Beckett, thebiglead gives the nod to Union for her liaison with a future basketball Hall of Famer and for counting among her men "a pretty good NFL defensive back with 50 career interceptions. Jeter? You know how he rolls. Hall of Fame on the field. Even more impressive off of it."

And in summary, for Union: "There's probably some kind of trophy she deserves for nabbing athletes."

Total consciousness

For an earlier generation, the challenge was to show your maturity by seeing if you could listen to the William Tell Overture and not think of the Lone Ranger. Let Mr. Flip suggest a new such test: Can you hear about the Dalai Lama and not think of the movie Caddyshack?

Mr. Flip, of course, fails this maturity test miserably.

Yesterday, the Dalai Lama was in Washington to accept the Congressional Gold Medal, and all Mr. Flip could think of was whether the religious leader had managed to get on at Congressional Country Club to play 18. The course's length wouldn't have bothered him, because - in the immortal words of Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) - "big hitter, the Lama."

All together now: So he has that going for him, which is nice.

Compiled from wire and Web reports by Mr. Flip, who started singing Kenny Loggins' "I'm Alright" while writing today's Flip Side.

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