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A CELEBRATION OF LIFE. In Loving Memory of PERRILEE BEATRICE WATERS (10/22/1915-10/15-2007). Cry not, for my work here is done and the life crown is won. Cry not, for my troubles and trails are over; and all my sorrows have ended. Cry not, for I have earned my wings. Cry not, for God has said "well done, you're journey is complete." Cry not, for we shall be together once more and do nothing but walk around Heaven all day. PERRILEE WATERS (nee Sidney), daughter of the late Harry L. Sidney and Wilhelmeania C. Sidney was born on October 22, 1915 in West Palm Beach, Florida. She departed this life October 15, 2007, after a brief stay at Stella Maris Hospice. Perry, as she was known, was educated in the public school systems of both Florida and Maryland. She arrived in Baltimore, Maryland with her mother and only sibling, brother, Harry Lawrence Sidney, late in 1928. Perry was joined briefly in matrimony to Martin Waters, of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. In 1944, now divorced she began a relationship with World War II Veteran Henry Small, and out of this relationship was born Carl Sidney Waters, her only child. Perry had many jobs during her lifetime, including domestic jobs and seafood preparation (picking crabs and shucking oysters) both on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. In the 1950's a close friend Clarence H. "Du" Burns recommended her for a position with the City of Baltimore. That friendship spanned years, even through his political rise to become mayor of Baltimore City. She spent many years in the school system, eventually retiring while serving at Calverton Public School #75. Grandma Sissy, as her family knew her, is the last of her generation. She leaves to cherish her memory. one son Carl S. Waters and Veronica L. Waters (his wife); three grandchildren Carl A. Waters, Kim D. Waters, and Damon L. Waters; five great-grandchildren including Jacqueline R. Waters, Antonio M. Waters, Stephen C. Waters, and Sidney L. Waters; one great-great-grandchild; one grand niece Terrilee S. Johnson and Jerry Johnson (her husband); and an extended family too numerous to name. Grandma Sissy had two addresses for the last 55 years of her life. From 1952 to 1970 she and her mother resided at 2430 Madison Avenue. From 1970 until her death, she cherished her ownership of 5343 Nelson Avenue. Her family would like to thank everyone who kept her in their prayers. We marvel at the number of individuals to whom she touched during her 91 years, which is the same number of years as her brother and 3 years less than her mother of 94. Her father was just a mere 76 at his death. At the family's request, a private session was held. March Funeral Home handled the funeral arrangements, and she was laid to rest at Woodlawn Cemetery. Please sign the Remembrance Registry at

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