David Steele -- Points after

The Baltimore Sun

It doesn't matter that Mike Flanagan asked out of the Orioles' organizational meetings last week in Florida. For them to be held without him just doesn't sound right, or promising for his future in his current position.

As we vilify Travis Johnson for taunting Trent Green while he lay unconscious with a concussion, we confirm again that the health and well-being of the quarterback is way more important than that of some lineman. So by all means, let's heap sympathy on a player who chopped at a colleague's knees and risked both their careers in the process.

In this, the season of Appalachian State, South Florida and Stanford, can't we all just boycott the Bowl Championship Series standings? Don't print them, air them, argue about them or watch the games. This season, they're irrelevant.

Any chance that a postseason game at Camden Yards would go right up to the opening pitch before it's sold out? The bottle-throwing thing, gotta take the Fifth on that. But selling the game out, not an issue.

College basketball teams opening practice, NBA preseason under way. Now it's officially the best time of the year.

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