Lost reputations? Some stars are trying to recover theirs

I LOST my reputation young, but never missed it," said Mae West, the only star who never mourned lost youth, faded career or lack of public interest.

Why? Because Mae didn't believe those things happened to her! (Mae was Billy Wilder's first choice for Sunset Boulevard.) She was by far the most self-assured, ego-driven actress ever to set foot on a soundstage, usually referring to herself in the third person.


Reputations Part 1

Speaking of reputations, there is still talk going around Hollywood that Britney Spears will consent to "talk" with TV's Dr. Phil, the better to be straightened out. I think most of this talk is coming from the ubiquitous doctor himself - wishin' and hopin'. Don't bet the rent.


Reputations Part 2

Our good friend, actress Traci Lords, lost her reputation young and then regained it (still young!) through hard work, discipline and reborn self-respect.

Now Traci has given birth to her first child, a boy, Joseph Gunnar. He weighed in at 6 pounds, 14 ounces. Mom, dad and baby are "healthy, happy and pretty tired."

Reputations Part 3

Julia Roberts, who hasn't had a bad reputation since she left Kiefer Sutherland at the altar (bet you all forgot that little scandal!), is still one of the most famous movie stars in the world. But in recent years she has preferred domesticity, her hubby Daniel Moder and her three children. Not long ago she was spotted at the Santa Monica Pier, the very picture of a young Hollywood matron - riding the carousel, buying hot dogs on a stick, shopping at Puma and Pottery Barn. She bought two leather chairs in espresso brown.

Reputations Part 4

Jennifer Lopez's reputation as a capricious, thrill-seeking, much-marrying diva may have been deserved once upon a time - let's say the Sean Combs-fleeing-the-cops era, and then Ben Affleck ultimately refusing to walk her down the aisle. Lopez married again, to singer Marc Anthony, and she is much changed. Lopez is said to be pregnant - with twins! - but won't confirm. Good for her, it's a private matter, folks. (Christina Aguilera is equally adamant on no comment, no matter how big she gets!)

Anyway, Jennifer and that other Latina lovely, Eva Longoria were spotted confabbing at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I am told the pair talked about making a movie, playing sisters. It won't happen soon. Miss Lopez has five more months of pregnancy, then bonding time. If indeed she is expecting - it could be, you know, just extra helpings of paella.


Reputations Part 5

Paris Hilton, after her brief but life-altering stint in jail, announced her intention to change her reputation. To that end she's appeared at charity events, and expressed hurt feelings at David Letterman's fun at her expense. Now she tells pals she wants to go "to UCLA and get a degree in political science."

Personally, I can't wait for Paris to go head to head with Chris Matthews on Hardball one of these nights.