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No matter what kind of player you think DeShawn Stevenson is, you have to admit the Washington Wizards guard is some kind of playa.

According to the Web site Young, Black & Fabulous - for the record, Mr. Flip is none of those - Stevenson appears to be making the rounds of former Destiny's Child singers.

He supposedly was engaged to LeToya Luckett, but now seems to be linked with Farrah Franklin. It's a convoluted tale, complete with what terms "some extra steamy and graphic messages" left on pages.

At this point in his life, the only graphic messages Mr. Flip gets are from other drivers when he changes lanes without signaling.

(Tip of the Flip to for pointing out the story.)

Where's that Maier kid?

The Arizona Diamondbacks really know how to rub it in. During Game 2 of their National League Division Series against the Chicago Cubs, the Chase Field "Kiss Cam" caught the sight of a bespectacled, headphone-wearing man with a Cubs cap. Yes, it was a Steve Bartman lookalike.

Then the camera panned back, and sitting next to "Bartman" was a goat. So "Bartman" kissed the goat. Two jinxes in one.

And the Cubs lost.

Calling collect

New York Daily News baseball writer Bill Madden, in Boston last month, found a cell phone in the back seat of a cab he was taking to Fenway Park. He asked the cabbie who the previous rider was. One of the Red Sox, Madden was told, a guy with a long name that starts with "P."

That would be closer Jonathan Papelbon.

Madden told "The clubhouses weren't open yet when I got to Fenway, so I went up to the press box to start setting up my computer when the phone rang. I answered and said, 'Is that you, Jon?' The voice on the other end said, 'Yeah, who's this?'"

So Papelbon got his phone back, without Madden having taken down stored numbers.

However, Madden said, "I did think of the repercussions later if [the New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez] had left his cell phone in a car and it was found by a New York sportswriter."

Compiled from wire and Web reports by Mr. Flip, who wouldn't want his phone list of favorite pizzerias to fall into the wrong hands.

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