Upscale Indian cuisine at Indigma

The Baltimore Sun

There are spots where no restaurant lasts for long, for whatever reasons. The location where Indigma has opened is one of those. By my reckoning, it's been a Donna's Restaurant, a Ruby Lounge under two different owners, Saffron (with two completely different concepts and different executive chefs) and now Indigma, a restaurant that showcases innovative Indian cuisine, mostly northern but with touches of southern.

If you're happy with your neighborhood Indian restaurant's lamb saag and chicken tikka masala, I'm not going to urge you to try Indigma. Owner Tony Chemmanoor's biggest challenge is going to be to find enough Baltimoreans willing to expand their horizons a bit. How often do you see bison vindaloo with potatoes, red chiles, ginger, garlic and balsamic vinegar on a menu around here?


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