5 Things I Have To Have Now

John Shields chef-author-public TV host, is a busy guy. When he's not overseeing the kitchen at Gertrude's restaurant and scouting for local food sources for the restaurant, he's out and about searching for new locations for his Maryland Public Television series, Coastal Cooking. Lately he's been planning new menus to coincide with the Baltimore Museum of Art's new Matisse exhibit, which opens this month. And to top it all off, he's working on a new Chesapeake cookbook. Shields lives in Roland Park with his dog, Babo, and partner and Gertrude's co-owner John Gilligan.

1. Bag of almond croissants from Bonjour Bakery


"And I'd like a pot of Italian roast coffee to wash them down."

2. Mini digital camera


"I'm off to Italy for a couple of weeks, and a small camera will be easily carried and perfect to capture pictures of the trip. Friends tell me the mini-camera is great to take up-close pictures of all the marvelous Italian food."

3. An old-fashioned food mill

"It's canning and applesauce season, and I'd like to have the hand-powered crank-style food mill to get that perfect consistency for the applesauce."

4. A fall/winter membership to Meadowbrook Aquatic & Fitness Center

"I'll need it to get rid of the spread from the Italian food orgy and my almond croissant addiction."

5. A copy of Skinny Bitch

"I've heard so much about this irreverent book on the diet choices we collectively make. These two former fashion models talk about the downfalls of the modern Western diet and look to a more plant based-philosophy. It's not Julia Child, but I figure, what the heck."