Demi Moore backs off in face of three Coco Chanel films in works

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Some time back, we broke the news that Demi Moore was hard at work trying to produce, direct and star in a feature film about Coco Chanel's life.

But Demi, who looks as if she could still interpret Chanel's early years, has finally given up on this dream. Financing is difficult under any circumstances, but there are now three - count 'em three - biopics in the works on Coco. One will star Audrey Tautou. Then there's William Friedkin's version of Chanel, to star Marina Hands. And writer/director Daniele Thompson also has definite plans to bring the fashion genius to life onscreen. So three strikes and Demi feels she's out.

Chanel's life - from illegitimate daughter of a traveling salesman, to humble seamstress, to mistress of a Nazi general, to arguably the most important figure in 20th-century haute couture - is something Demi could have gotten her teeth into. This husky-voiced and I think underrated actress has stayed away too long from the fair!

Crowning glory

While we have nature on the brain, some things are just natural. Like losing one's hair. But when one is in the public eye, and the crown that's thinning will one day wear a crown, you don't give in so fast.

Yes, we do mean handsome Prince William, whose locks are noticeably thinning. He was unfavorably compared to his brother, Harry, when the pair sat with Matt Lauer not long ago. Harry, was deemed the full-haired, sexy hottie and William got a lot of, "He was cuter a few years ago!" Wills was not amused.

How fickle we are. In any case, William is said to be determined to maintain a kingly mane via transplants; a slow, gradual process that William will be bowing his head for quite soon.

Oh, come on, be a man like Bruce Willis and just go for the shiny pate. Bruce didn't lose an ounce of regal movie stardom or sex appeal once he gave it all up. He worked on his body harder. I'm sure they have a splendid gym at Buckingham Palace.

Still green

Leonardo DiCaprio, the movie star who stays as "green" as he can, has just closed a deal with the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

Leo owns acres of land in Belize, in the Caribbean. And after much negotiation, DiCaprio and the hotel group have joined to create a "green hotel." Groundbreaking comes next year, and he is said to be hands on and seriously involved in all eco-matters to ensure the environmental friendliness of this spot in paradise.

No food goes to waste

Megan Fox shot to attention early this year with Shia LaBeouf in Transformers. She's a beauty, with a great figure, but sources on the set of her just wrapped How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, reveal that Miss Fox has one of those hideous metabolisms which seem to shrug off junk food. Her co-stars, including Kirsten Dunst, were astonished - and jealous - to watch bucket after bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken arrive for Megan.

She never gained an ounce. And didn't spend suspicious time in the bathroom, either.

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