Why are so many women afraid of color? The fear is hard to understand, especially after you've seen Amanda Brennan in a radiant rainbow of hues that looks absolutely smashing. She's combined purple, green, turquoise, brown, black, white and gunmetal gray -- and nothing looks out of place. In fact, everything looks perfectly polished, as if they were made to go together. The ready embrace of a range of colors is a sign of the style-savvy. Brennan, in her mix-and-match look -- is one of the savviest we've seen.

Age: 23

Residence: Vienna, Va.

Job: visual manager at J. Crew

Self-described style: "I like vintage and I like manly. I like a feminine twist to men's clothing."

The look: Purple velvet blazer. White ruffle-collar blouse. Green sweater vest. 3GR skinny jeans. Hugo Boss boots. Multi-colored scarf. Turquoise-and-gold earrings. Cognac-colored Ellen Tracy handbag.

Where it came from: Blazer, blouse and sweater from J. Crew. Jeans, boots and handbag from Nordstrom. Scarf from Urban Outfitters. Earrings from a store in Hampden.

Fabulous tomboy style: "I like masculinity, I don't know why. I think it has to do with my personality a little bit. I can be a bit of a tomboy."

Layering looks great: "I'm really into layering and wearing as many pieces as possible. I like wearing a lot of pieces. I like dressing up jeans."

Start with the hair. Dress from there: "Whatever I wear, I try to play up my hair color, which is not natural, by the way. Since I picked my hair color, I only wear the clothes that complement it very well. I like greens, I just recently got into purple. I think purple is fun with the maroonish-orange hair that I have."

She shops Hampden for vintage: "I always want to know where the cool vintage shops are. When I worked in Baltimore, I would always ask where the vintage shops were. Everyone pointed me to Hampden. I went in the middle of the day and there were a lot of neat shops. This one in particular had a lot of really cheap, clip-on earrings. I love clip-on earrings. All my earrings are antique, vintage, older. I like my jewelry to be one of a kind. And I wear turquoise because of my hair, too."


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