A scout's take Luis Hernandez, Orioles' 23-year--old shortstop

The Baltimore Sun

Offense -- The one thing that's a question mark is his bat. I don't think there's going to be much power there, so you're hoping he'll hit eight to 12 home runs a year. It seems like he's hitting major league pitching better than he hit in the minors. He's certainly shown the ability to go the other way with pitches. ... He's an average runner.

Defense -- He's got a plus arm and a great glove and first-step quickness at short. He goes to his left and his right, shows a strong arm, a plus arm in the hole, comes in on the ball real good and throws it on the run. I don't think you can look for anything more in a young shortstop than what he's shown.

Outlook -- The whole question mark is the ability to hit. I don't think he has to hit a ton because he's plus defensively. Look at the guy in Toronto [John McDonald]; he's only got seven errors. He's only hitting about .250 but plays there every day for a pretty good team. The better you are defensively, the less you've got to hit. But [Hernandez] has shown the ability to hit here.

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