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The Baltimore Sun

As reported Sept. 27, 1942, in The Sun:

The high school students of Maryland and their 6,000,000 cohorts in the nation who will answer the President's call to mobilize for victory can see a preview of their share in the war effort at The Ellicott City High School.

Starting a Victory Corps there will be only a matter of form. Every one of its 274 students is already participating in wartime service.

Boys belong to the State Guard, the Maryland Minute Men or the Naval Militia. In apple orchards they are replacing men called to the armed forces. Girls are doing the work of stenographers called to Washington, working for the Red Cross, serving as air raid spotters and canning the products of victory gardens.

Boys and girls are taking the pre-flight aeronautic course, growing victory gardens and joining first aid units.

John E. Yingling, principal, started a year ago to adapt the school to the war effort. His first step was to inaugurate a first-aid course for the entire student body.

When the United States Office of Education and the Federal Security Agency decided to ask high-school youth to help meet critical manpower needs, it called in State departments of education to help in forming a program.

Ellicott City was one of the three high schools in Maryland chosen as an experiment station. The other two are Silver Spring High School and Sherwood High at Sandy Springs.

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