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In the 17th century, Gravelly was the location of some of the earliest Colonial settlements in Harford County.

The Episcopal Spesutia Church is considered the first place of worship erected in St. George's Parish. The name Spesutia is derived from the Latin for Utie's Hope, in honor of Col. Nathaniel Utie, a settler who was granted an island near Havre de Grace.

The first record in the parchment church register is that of "the birth of John Cook, son of John Cook, born at Bush River, on the 25th of September, in the year of our Lord, 1681."

In 1718, under the direction of the Rev. Evan Evans, a second church was built in Perryman.

[Source: History of Harford County, Maryland, by Walter W. Preston; research by Harford County Public Library.]

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