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Filling in for an ill Samari Rolle, cornerback Corey Ivy will start in back-to-back games for the first time since Oct. 17, 2005. As excited as he is about Sundays, Ivy also looks forward to Tuesdays, the players' regularly scheduled day off.

What's your favorite off-day activity? Well, now I spend it with my newborn daughter [Blaise, who was born Sept. 14], walking around the house with her and loving on her.

How has fatherhood changed you? I'm a homebody now. I just want to relax at home with my wife [Emilia] and new baby girl. [Blaise] has shown me that there's something out there that you can love so much that it's unthinkable.

Do you have any favorite shows on television? I'm really a SportsCenter junkie. I'm becoming a CSI: Miami and Las Vegas kind of guy, too. I like the suspense of who's done what and all of that stuff. I try to figure it out, and it's something that I've grown to like. Do you watch SportsCenter all day? The same thing will come on, and I will continue to watch it to see if I can find something that I might have missed before.

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