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The Game Plan

Rating -- PG

What it's about -- An egomaniacal star quarterback learns he has a little girl who upends his life and his me-centered worldview.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- Accidents with the blender and the bubble bath, bulldogs in tutus, The Rock in a giggle-inducing leotard.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- "Stupid is a mean word." And Elvis is still The King.

Violence -- On the football field; in the face of the paparazzi.

Language -- Disney clean.

Sex -- Disney clean, too.

Drugs -- A margarita joke, one scene in a bar.

Parents' advisory -- Inoffensive but also darned cute, it's a family comedy in the best Disney tradition.

Across the Universe

Rating -- PG-13

What it's about -- The liberating joy and generational and racial strife of the 1960s as experienced by teens and twenty- somethings who express themselves through Beatles songs.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, assorted other 20-ish hotties.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- All you need is love and a few good tunes.

Violence -- Vietnam War, race riots, nothing too explicit.

Language -- Profanity, but not to excess.

Sex -- A bit, with one topless moment.

Drugs -- Suggested, toyed with.

Parents' advisory -- A benign, impressionistic way to show your kids what the 1960s were like, set to a Beatles beat.

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