'Deep Water' rides crest of a wave

The Baltimore Sun

The documentary Deep Water should be seen and seen again, not written about at length - especially in America. Most Yanks won't know the details of the British-promoted round-the-world yacht race of 1968. But this event stirred the same anticipation in England and on the Continent as NASA's trips to the moon did internationally. And this record of the race and its aftermath boggles the heart and brain. The "unknown" these racers face includes intangibles of character and spirit.

Deep Water proves to be the perfect flip side to the inspiring Apollo-program documentary In the Shadow of the Moon. It's another enthralling narrative poem about confronting the unknown. But this one is done in a trembling minor key. It begins as what Brits would call a "boy's own adventure" and ends in the whirlpools of the mind.

Deep Water (IFC Films) A documentary by Louise Ormond and Jerry Rothwell. Rated PG. Time 93 minutes.

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