Insufferable 'Big Shots' can go cry in their coffee

The Baltimore Sun

Jon Harmon Feldman wrote ABC's new drama Big Shots because he wanted to explore what it means to be a man in 2007. It says so, right on ABC's Web site. If what he has discovered is even remotely accurate, we may be mere minutes away from the apocalypse. Because Feldman has created a quartet of rich guys so insufferable, self-centered and whiny that they make the men of feminist masterwork The Golden Notebook, or even The Nanny Diaries, look positively heroic.

The women in Big Shots, to be fair, aren't much better. In fact, they're worse. They just don't get much screen time. Because the point of Big Shots is that high-powered men, surrounded by conniving female reporters, shrewish wives and demanding mistresses, can only find sanctuary in each other. In case you were wondering.

On TV Big Shots airs at 10 tonight on WMAR-TV, Channel 2.

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