Friedgen solid on QB despite outside doubt

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It seems as if the majority of doubt about Maryland's quarterback is coming from outside the Gossett Football Team building, as Ralph Friedgen once again gave Jordan Steffy his vote of confidence yesterday.

"I'm not disappointed to the point where I'm thinking of changing quarterbacks, I can tell you that," Friedgen said at his news conference.

Friedgen began with his breakdown of Rutgers, but eventually the questions turned to his offense, about which he said, "It's a multifaceted problem we're trying to solve."

A large part of it is the fact that Steffy can't throw while lying down, and he has been sacked 15 times in the past three games. Much of that is stemming from problems on the offensive line, but there also have been times when there's nobody to throw the ball to. Clearly, this problem is not going to be resolved by Saturday, and not against a team as strong defensively as Rutgers.

It took him awhile, but Friedgen said he has managed to let the Wake Forest meltdown go and move on.

"If I keep thinking about that one," he said, "I'll be in trouble for the next one."

The players I spoke with Monday all said they have let it go, too.

"I did talk to them yesterday about it, told them it was a very difficult loss," Friedgen said. "I said, 'I've been asked many times, what are you going to do?' With the players, I just told them I have a lot of faith in them, in their character and their fortitude. There's nothing we can really do to change what happened Saturday. We've got to move on and move on to the next game."

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