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Two hours of 'Impact' is one hour too long

The Baltimore Sun

There were noteworthy developments recently regarding TNA Impact and Raw.

It became official last week that Impact is expanding to two hours beginning Oct. 4. It was the realization of a longtime goal for the company, but I'm not all that excited about it.

I know that TNA gets criticized for trying to jam too much into one hour, and therefore nothing has impact (no pun intended). But I like that the show moves quickly, and I think it helps keep characters fresh by not having everyone on the show every week. Plus, two hours of television written by Vince Russo isn't a good thing. Honestly, I don't think any wrestling show other than Raw needs to be longer than an hour.

The main reason I didn't want TNA to add an hour is because my wife is just going to love hearing that I now have more wrestling to watch.

As for Raw, the rating for Monday's episode was 3.3, a significant drop from last week's 3.9. I can't say I'm really surprised. Hornswoggle does not equal ratings.

Raw usually suffers a ratings drop during football season, but this was the night after a pay-per-view, when ratings typically get a boost. I think the John Cena-Randy Orton stuff has been strong, but the illegitimate son story line obviously turned out to be a letdown. It will be very interesting to see how WWE responds.


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