Homicide did not occur in Pumphrey

The Baltimore Sun

The Sun (Sept. 7) reported a homicide in March had occurred in the close-knit community of Pumphrey, when in fact it did not occur within the boundaries of Pumphrey. The mobile trailer park where the killing took place has no ties to the neighborhood.

Pumphrey is a historic community, established in 1860. Pumphrey has been in existence almost as long as the Sun.

As a longtime subscriber of The Sun, I am appalled as well as many residents of the Pumphrey community. With crime on the rise, we do have our share of small petty occurrences, as most communities do. Conversely, we do not deserve this ownership as stated in the article.

In the midst of reporting, please review and comprehend the contents of a northern Anne Arundel County map. For the sake of future victimized communities, it is advisable that reporters become familiar with the entire Baltimore-Washington metropolitan region.

If so inclined, please feel free to contact any resident of Pumphrey and they will be more than happy to coordinate a walking tour. They can identify the boundaries of the community.

Yolande Dickerson Pumphrey

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