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Band should not have to quiet down

The Baltimore Sun

So the Liberty High School Marching Band has to "quiet down" their Tuesday and Thursday rehearsal time. How ironic! Mr. Scott Friedly and his family move to Eldersburg two years ago and now there is a "noise problem" at Liberty High School.

Did the Friedly family not know that Liberty High School was there? Did he not notice that his neighborhood backs not only to the school, but to the very large football field and stadium? How could he not know that there would be sports games, and with that, marching band practice? Will the school be cited when the crowds yell too loud during home football, soccer and lacrosse games?

Mr. Friedly claims he wants to work with the administration to solve the "problem" of the band playing too loudly. Many of the high school students in that marching band have probably been in the band longer than the Friedly family has been in their house. What is sad to me is that Carroll County Public Schools officials have to waste their time trying to solve Mr. Friedly's "problem."

Shouldn't school officials be using their time to educate our students? It's ironic that these students are probably the best and the brightest - band students usually are. I am sure all of these students have spent years and their own free time to achieve success with their instrument and with their band. These young people have chosen to participate in marching band, which requires hours and hours of their own time.

Yet Mr. Friedly, who claims not "to be someone who wants to stop anything that's positive for children," is doing just that. He's turned his own personal nuisance into a problem not just for Liberty High School, but for the entire county.

The bottom line is that the Friedly family knew that Liberty High School and the stadium were there when they moved to their neighborhood. I knew the school, the band and the stadium were there when I moved here 13 years ago. I can also empathize with the plight of having a sick infant, but how many hundreds and hundreds of other children is Mr. Friedly damaging?

The situation reminds me of the old cliche about the family that moved in next to the airport and then demanded that the airport quiet down!

Kendra L. Roberts Eldersburg

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