'Maid' takes audience deep into women's close quarters

The Baltimore Sun

Not a review, but an exhortation: If you care about the art of movie acting, run to the Charles to see Norma Aleandro bring tragicomic stature to the role of a haute bourgeois Buenos Aires woman fallen on hard times in Live-In Maid.

Set in 2001, the movie is nothing more than a slice of upper-middle-class life set at a time when a crumbling economy has put that class in a vise. But under the guidance of writer-director Jorge Gaggero, what Aleandro and her co-star, Norma Argentina, do within its limits is amazing.

Live-In Maid (Film Sales Co.) Starring Norma Aleandro, Norma Argentina. Directed by Jorge Gaggero. Not rated. Time 83 minutes.

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