'Chuck': sex without joy

The Baltimore Sun

Good Luck Chuck is a comedy about breasts made by boobs. Forget the trumped-up romance and the gimmicky would-be comical black magic. The movie is an excuse for the bland Dane Cook to engage in soft-core sex galore while his best pal, a cosmetic surgeon specializing in the bosom, eggs him on. It's stupefying in its dullness and vulgarity.

Cook plays a dentist who can't shake a childhood hex cast by a Goth chick who feels jilted by him during Spin-the-Bottle. He's doomed to be the penultimate boyfriend: All his girlfriends marry their next lover. When word of this curse (or charm) spreads on the Internet, he becomes a sex magnet for gals who bed him strictly for luck.

Good Luck Chuck (Lionsgate) Starring Dane Cook, Jessica Alba. Directed by Mark Helfrich. Rated R. Time 96 minutes.

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