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News item: Ravens quarterback Steve McNair refuses to count himself out of today's game against the New York Jets, despite the groin injury that kept him from fully participating in practice this week.

My take: This "game time decision" needs to be made by someone else. McNair should be congratulated for his toughness, then be told to take a seat.

News item: In a showdown to see which traditional college football powerhouse could stay winless longer, Michigan crushed Notre Dame, 38-0, yesterday to drop the Fighting Irish to 0-3 for only the second time in school history.

My take: Being a fan of Southern California, I find this particularly heartbreaking. It's much more fun to mop up on the Irish when there's still something at stake.

News item: Demetrius Jones, who started the season opener for Notre Dame, reportedly has walked off the team and transferred to Northern Illinois.

My take: Apparently, it's much easier to impress the ladies in a Northern Illinois letterman's jacket these days.

News item: Orioles manager Dave Trembley was suspended for three games after his theatrical mock ejection of umpire Paul Emmel on Wednesday night at Camden Yards.

My take: I'm liking Dave more every day, though the comparisons to Earl Weaver might be a bit premature.

News item: Shortstop Miguel Tejada, clearly unhappy to be benched on Thursday night, hinted that he might want to "go somewhere else" next year.

My take: How about third base?

News item: Running back Ricky Williams reportedly will seek reinstatement to the NFL on Oct. 1.

My take: Just a hunch, but I'm guessing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's response will be - in not so many words - "What have you been smoking?"

News item: Las Vegas police have named O.J. Simpson a suspect in an alleged break-in at the Palace Station casino. He claims he was recovering stolen mementos from his football career.

My take: If I'm O.J. Simpson, this is just the kind of publicity I'm looking for right now.

News item: Roger Clemens, who has been sidelined since Sept. 3 with a sore elbow, claims there is no doubt he'll pitch tonight against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

My take: What a relief. I was afraid he was going to retire again to rest up for next season.

News item: Bill Belichick didn't exactly sound contrite after Goodell fined him $500,000 and docked the team $250,000 and at least one high draft choice for cheating.

My take: Why should he? If the other 31 teams in the NFL cared as much about winning as he does, they would have cheated, too.

News item: Major League Baseball officials will push for hGH blood testing if a reliable test is developed in time for next season.

My take: Former Sen. George Mitchell, still hoping to conclude his steroid investigation in a timely manner, has already put in a request to interview every player who tests positive through the year 2015.

News item: Formula One fined Team McLaren $100 million for espionage and stripped the team of all its point in the Constructors Championship.

My take: Belichick is suddenly counting his blessings.

News item: Doha, Qatar and Baku, Azerbaijan are among the seven cities that have made a preliminary bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

My take: Chicago, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo are believed to be shaking in their boots.

News item: Veteran pitcher Steve Trachsel pitched five solid innings to get the win Thursday in the game that propelled the Chicago Cubs into first place in the National League Central.

My take: Coming into this season, you had a better chance of winning a Powerball jackpot than reading that sentence.

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