Jamison Hensley's Power rankings

The Baltimore Sun

1. Colts

Peyton Manning looks like he wants a second ring.

2. Patriots

Tom Brady now has receivers who can get open.

3. Chargers

Defense had better conceal its signals against Belichick.

4. Cowboys

Wade Phillips was a defensive-minded coach, right?

5. Broncos

Should only get better under Jay Cutler.

6. Steelers

Great start, but everybody will look good against Browns.

7. Bengals

Should be worried that they didn't beat Ravens by more.

8. Panthers

Week 1 performance makes them a dark horse in NFC.

9. Seahawks

Are 30-6 when Shaun Alexander breaks 100 yards rushing.

10. Ravens

Desperate to win their next three games: Jets, Cardinals and Browns.

11. Saints

Drew Brees will bounce back in a big way against Buccaneers.

12. Bears

Lack of offense keeps them from being an elite team.

13. Eagles

Problems on special teams proved to be their biggest downfall.

14. 49ers

Still not sold on Alex Smith, but he is improving.

15. Lions

At the very least, the offense will be fun to watch.

16. Titans

Defense could be better than what many expected.

17. Packers

Kicker Mason Crosby is more reliable than Brett Favre.

18. Jaguars

Can't win when defense surprisingly sputters.

19. Rams

What happened, Marc Bulger and Steven Jackson?

20. Redskins

Loss of Jon Jansen is another step back for offense.

21. Bills

Kevin Everett's injury still on everyone's mind.

22. Vikings

Still too many question marks at quarterback.

23. Jets

Already time to start the Kellen Clemens era.

24. Cardinals

Different coaches, same losing results.

25. Texans

How much do the Falcons regret trading Matt Schaub?

26. Dolphins

Nick Saban was the smart one to leave this mess.

27. Giants

No depth to replace long list of injured starters.

28. Raiders

Showing more fight than they ever did last season.

29. Buccaneers

Take away offensive genius label from Jon Gruden.

30. Chiefs

Easily could get shut out by the Bears.

31. Falcons

Vick saga only the beginning of this downward spiral.

32. Browns

Traded their starting quarterback after first game.

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