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Let's put The Man on the stand

The Baltimore Sun

The alleged D.C. Madam is trying to turn this legal trick: putting Tom DiBiagio on the stand. Deborah Jeane Palfrey's lawyer said he is seeking to subpoena the former U.S. attorney for Maryland.

Not - darn it all to heck - because she claims DiBiagio was a client.

Palfrey plans to argue in her criminal trial that her prosecution is politically motivated. So she wants the jury to hear from the guy who claims that the Justice Department canned him because he was hot on the trail of corrupt Bob Ehrlich associates.

Justice has said that DiBiagio, who'd sent staff an e-mail demanding three "front page" corruption indictments before Election Day 2004, was the one mixing politics and prosecutions.

Either way, attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley figures DiBiagio would work well for the defense. He filed papers in federal court last week seeking a subpoena.

"He has information about the political decisions in prosecuting cases," said Sibley, who noted that the case against his client originated in the Internal Revenue Service's Criminal Investigation division in Baltimore in June 2004.

DiBiagio, an attorney for Beveridge & Diamond these days, said the subpoena request was news to him. He also said the prostitution investigation was supervised by the U.S. attorney's office in D.C.

"I haven't heard anything about it," he said in an e-mail, "and due to the fact that I don't really know anything about this case, I don't see why anyone would seek to have me be a witness."

The Scots will take what fame they get

The Anne Arundel Scottish Festival just got some national exposure. Guy-in-a-skirt-with-nothing-underneath kind of exposure.

Somebody out there sent Jay Leno a flier for the Oct. 13 festival, which includes a photo of a guy playing bagpipes - and two kids looking up his kilt.

"You know I'm of Scottish heritage," Leno said during the portion of the Tonight Show when he features wacky headlines and the like. "These poor Scottish kids seem stunned."

Leno never mentioned the festival, so festival president Michael Wolfe trumpeted the connection in a news release.

"This organization is very proud to announce our 30-seconds of fame!" it said.

Wolfe hopes the publicity will draw more people to the 16-year-old event - even if they're people drawn by the prospect of looking up a guy's skirt.

Just a city boy living the good country life

The Sun's Gadi Dechter was out on one of those Bizarro weekend assignments not long ago - covering Bhutanese archers on some grand Baltimore County estate - when he ran into Marc Steiner.

Dechter was surprised to learn that the WYPR host lives in that neck of the woods, not in the city that's so often the focus of Steiner's public affairs program. Doesn't a Baltimore County address hurt Steiner's street cred?

"I am a Baltimore boy," Steiner told me. "I just wake up to the woods and rolling hills."

Steiner lives in Sparks, "in a little, teeny, tiny house, 40, 50 years old."

"Please don't say I live in a McMansion. I'm a street corner boy. I just happen to live in the country."

Let strangers see where you live

HGTV's My House is Worth What? is looking for six Baltimore homes to feature on the show.

In the program, real estate agents look at houses and try to figure out what they're worth. So don't expect a makeover, just an estimate and some tips for making the place more marketable. Homeowners have until Friday to apply via the Web site:

Segment producer Eve Falcon tells me they've already received "a nice stack" of submissions from Baltimore, but they'll take more. They want people who've been in their houses at least a year. Interesting rehabs a plus.

Ed Hale, if you ever want to move that condo, here's your chance.

Connect the dots

Warning from Frederick County, which is working on a road named for a nearby "nooks and crannies" factory: "Wide loads will not be permitted on English Muffin Way." Is butter allowed? ... Catholic schools never get Jewish holidays off. Except last week, at St. Mary's High School in Annapolis. The reason was a chemical spill in a science lab, not Rosh Hashana. ... Along with packages, FedEx delivers votes. Dan Shelton, a runner for a FedEx driver, got a ride to his polling place at Woodhome Elementary in Northeast Baltimore in the familiar white truck. Shelton, 34, says he's voted in every primary and general election since he was old enough, with one exception - he arrived too late for one primary. He was running late Tuesday, so he asked his driver to give him a ride.

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