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Last week, we asked what should Orioles president Andy MacPhail's main priority be this offseason. Signing injured No. 1 starter Erik Bedard to a long-term deal before he's eligible for free agency after 2009 was clearly the primary concern among the 3,860 who voted.

Extend Erik Bedard's contract beyond 2009, 45.3 percent (1,750 votes)

Trade Miguel Tejada, 20.5 percent (792 votes)

Sign or trade for a middle-of-the-order hitter, 17.6 percent (678 votes)

Sign or trade for a veteran starting pitcher, 5.9 percent (229 votes)

Move Tejada to third and Melvin Mora to left field, 4.4 percent (170 votes)

Overhaul the coaching staff, 3.2 percent (122 votes)

Sign or trade for a closer, 3.1 percent (119 votes)



Who should be the Orioles' closer next season?

Danys Baez

Jim Hoey

Jamie Walker

Chad Bradford

Cory Doyne

Someone outside the organization

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Last week's question: Which current Oriole should the team try to trade this offseason?

Dannys Baez and Jay Gibbons. At a combined $11 million per year, they are wasting financial resources worse than the U.S. government.

[Michael Block, Hampstead]

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This week's question: Was a three-game suspension too harsh for manager Dave Trembley after his ejection from Wednesday night's game?

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