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Glimpsed! in Locust Point

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Shirts and ties are always in season, but occasionally it's nice to see a man venture out of the business wear box.

Some go ultra-casual, with T-shirts and slim jeans (not necessarily my favorite idea of work wear); others try suits with collarless shirts for a more New York, beatnik appeal.

I'm a fan of the office attire here - a bright-colored, striped shirt and slacks - because it says I take my job seriously, but I can have fun with my clothes.

And anything that deviates from the blue-shirt-and-khakis uniform is all right with me.

Age: 40

Residence: Laytonsville

Job: Technical account manager for a software company

Self-described style: "Very eclectic."

The look: Bold striped button-down shirt. Gray slacks. Black, slightly square-toed shoes.

Where it came from: Shirt bought from Hawes and Curtis in London. Slacks are one-half of a suit. Shoes from Nordstrom Rack.

Three-piece suits to Nigerian garb: "I like dressing depending on what the mood is. If I have more of an upscale dinner party, I like giving them the whole nine yards, with the three-piece suit and everything. My background is from Africa, and so depending on what the tradition is, at weddings and things like that, I like wearing things that are of that origin, as well."

Casual comfort is good, too: "I'm very simple, my dress style is not too complex. I don't like tucking shirts in unless I have a big meeting. I like dressing down. I like wearing different types of jeans. Structure is a favorite store of mine. I like Levis. I like Gucci."

Hunter-gatherer: "Nordstrom Rack is definitely where to go for good shoes. I get almost 80 percent of my shoes from there. I like digging through the muck [the piles of sale shoes on clearance]. That's where you get some golden nuggets. I like wearing shoes from Aldo as well.

He's software chic: My work is more business casual; it's a nice, white shirt and a pair of khakis. And I go in there with my nice striped shirt and just looking very bright like a bumblebee. They're used to me at work. They like the way I dress. I try to be different."

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