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Thanks for help in sludge debate

The debate over sludge has never been about farmers' right to farm their land as they see fit but a matter of how we protect our public parkland.

I am glad to hear that there is more private land available than there is Class B sludge available. This does pose the question of why the sludge hauler would spread the material on their own leased land and keep the real farmers on a waiting list? Bottom line is that given the restrictions associated with Class B sewage sludge it should not be used on parkland.

Also, leases between DNR and sludge haulers are not appropriate and should not happen again.

I would like to thank the members of the community that stepped up and worked so hard, as well as the representatives that have worked with us: Del. Barry Glassman, Del. Mary-Dulany James, Del. Dan Riley, Del. Donna Stifler, and County Council members Mary Ann Lisanti and Jim McMahan. We look forward to working with them more as we continue to move forward.

Jeff Lawson Havre de Grace

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