Trail Blazers take turn for the worse

The Baltimore Sun

Greg Oden needs surgery that will keep him out for the entire season.

The news is bad in Portland, but it would be a whole lot worse if the operation weren't covered by Medicare.

Oden will be resting comfortably in the Sam Bowie wing of the local hospital.

I'm heading out to get in a quick set of tennis, but I wanted to chime in about Dave Trembley's suspension.


How's that for quick? Three games? For drawing a mark in the infield dirt with his foot and simulating throwing out the second-base umpire? An umpire who, by the way, blew the call so badly, Cooperstown should request a tape of the play. It was almost historic.

One game was plenty. Trembley was prepared for as much. But three seems excessive.

Earl Weaver would have missed half of every season, if the commissioner's office was this sensitive back in his day.

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