Contribute to MyTeam

The Baltimore Sun

We'd like to thank you for visiting MyTeam, The Sun's new gathering place for high school sports. Now, we'd like to invite you to participate.

We need your help to do more with the team pages - such as adding statistics, team rosters and other school information. We're particularly interested in getting you to put your players' statistics on the site. If you're interested in contributing to your school's page, please have an athletic department representative e-mail and we'll get you started (we recommend granting access to one parent/coach per sport).

MyTeam is The Sun's new one-stop destination for high school sports information and the latest addition to a content-rich area that we're going to keep building with your help.

If you haven't seen it, we'd encourage you to visit MyTeam for updated and searchable schedules, scores and standings, along with individual school home pages.Your school's page can be located on under the MyTeam banner on the right-hand side of every high school story or by typing into your Web browser.

Scores and game statistics should also be e-mailed to or phoned in to 410-332-6200 for inclusion in The Sun and MyTeam. E-mail submissions are preferred and prompt notification is encouraged.

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