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Jonathan Vilma vs. Chris Chester

Vilma has good speed and a great break on the ball. He is not going to overpower most linemen, but he has great lateral movement. Vilma has a nonstop motor and will chase runners to the opposite side of the field. He has great instincts and a nose for the ball. It will be interesting to see if Chester has enough speed to cut off Vilma or at least slow him down. Of all the offensive linemen on the Ravens, Chester has the quickest feet. If these two meet straight on, it might be a stalemate. Neither player is overpowering. Edge: Vilma.

Laveranues Coles vs. Chris McAlister

Coles is big and strong and has become a favorite target of quarterback Chad Pennington. Coles doesn't have great speed and is more of a possession-type receiver. McAlister is a complete cornerback. He can run with most receivers in the league and is physical enough to play outstanding press coverage. The Ravens like to put McAlister on the other team's big receiver. Coles doesn't have the speed to pull away from McAlister. Edge: McAlister.

Thomas Jones vs. Ray Lewis

The Jets have to establish a running game, especially if Pennington doesn't start because of injury. Jones is the kind of runner who can give Lewis problems. He just kind of darts in and out, hiding behind his offensive linemen. Once he finds a crease, Jones can accelerate. Lewis played well in Monday night's opener. He will be playing with a triceps injury, but that won't slow him enough that he won't be able to handle Jones. Lewis is running sideline to sideline well again. Edge: Lewis.

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