Bynes, her newest flick aren't getting much attention

The Baltimore Sun

Amanda Bynes - she of the hit Nickelodeon TV show, a star of the surprise summer smash Hairspray, a young actress both adorable and talented - has a movie coming out next week, an utterly charming film about a girl who goes off to college and refuses to simply do what everyone else does. Heard anything about it?

Probably not; for reasons that seem unfathomable, Sydney White seems to be flying below everyone's radar screen. It isn't being heavily promoted on TV, posters for it aren't hanging everywhere, Bynes hasn't been ubiquitously staring out from magazine covers, and buzz about it has been noticeably absent.

Maybe if it was a slasher film starring the careening train wreck known as Lindsay Lohan, or a dumb, dumb, dumb sitcom remake starring Jessica Simpson, people would already be lining up to see it. Unfortunately, Sydney White is just a gentle, funny comedy directed at teens, starring someone with real talent and charisma. No wonder Hollywood doesn't know what to do with it.

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