Liz 'Queen of Hearts' Taylor has found love yet again

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ENOUGH IS never enough!"

That's what Elizabeth Taylor said about, well -- everything!

Back the 1950s, '60s and '70s, Elizabeth was one of the biggest, most important, and for a while, the most scandalous stars in the world. (After that, she stayed super-famous just for the hell of it.) Today, at age 75, she has yet to throw in the towel on romance.

We told you last year when La Liz went swimming in a shark cage in Hawaii that she had a new man. Now she's ready to formally introduce him. He is Jason Winters, a wealthy businessman, and he will be Elizabeth's escort at the Passports AIDS event Sept. 27 in Los Angeles.

When I asked Elizabeth if she wanted to comment, she demurred at first, then called back with this brief, but telling remark: "Jason Winters is one of the most wonderful men I've ever known and that's why I love him. He bought us the most beautiful house in Hawaii and we visit it as often as possible."

"Love! We! Us!?" Maybe it won't lead to a ninth marriage, but Taylor's choice of words means this is serious. Of course, when has love ever not been serious to Hollywood's Queen of Hearts?

The first fashion

Nancy Reagan was raked over the coals during the years she and her famous husband, Ronald Reagan, lived in the White House. She bought expensive new china for the White House, she was running the government via her pillow talk advice to her president husband, she coached and corrected him sotto voce when he spoke publicly to the press, she invited dubious guests like Frank Sinatra to the White House and she paid too much mind to fashion, clothes and luxury.

Oh, pish and tosh! Nancy Reagan influenced her husband in every way that was good. How about her talking him out of calling Russia an "evil empire," setting the stage for the fall of the Soviet regime and getting him to fire chief of staff Don Regan?

Well, now she has provided a fabulous collection of the very fashion she was critiqued for and it will soon go on display at the Ronald Reagan Library in California. Diane von Furstenberg is hosting a big dinner at the library Nov. 8, just before the exhibit opens Nov. 10. It will be seen there at the presidential library for a full year. You'll see all of this beginning with Nancy's March 4, 1952, wedding dress and ending with the suit she wore to her husband's funeral in June 2004.

A fond farewell

We also bid a fond adieu to the first Mrs. Ronald Reagan, the great movie star and actress Jane Wyman. She died Monday, still silent and private on the subject of Ronald Reagan -- she buttoned her lips. Her career was long and splendid; she won an Oscar for Johnny Belinda. But many people forget that Jane began in movies as a tough, smart-mouthed, blond tootsie. Her image softened later. I always thought it fitting that one of her last roles was as the tough, acid-tongued matriarch on TV's Falcon Crest. Her crisp, withering delivery was a joy, and she kept that series afloat for nine seasons.

Another era ends. Thank goodness for Robert Osborne and Turner Classic Movies!

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