Championship drive

Dulaney junior Carolyn Chandler has already won two Baltimore County golf championships. Last fall, she also won the district title and finished 18th in the state championships. This summer, she won her fourth straight Jimmy Flattery Tournament title, in the 15-17 age group, and tied for first in the Middle Atlantic Junior Girls Championship. She also played in the Optimist International Junior Golf Championship in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., in July. A member of Hunt Valley Country Club, Chandler played several tournaments on the Titleist Junior Tour and American Junior Golf Association tour. She has a 3.5 grade point average and plans to study communications or business in college. Chandler also plans to play golf in college.

How long have you been playing golf?


Ever since I could, probably. I started playing in tournaments when I was 8, but I started to practice and play with my dad when I was little. He really likes golf. My whole family plays golf.

Do you remember your first time playing golf?


No, I was so young I don't, but I know they have Jimmy Flattery Tournaments for really little kids and you just putt the ball. I was born in 1991 and they give out a little golf ball trophy. I think I have one from 1994, so that would mean I was like 3.

What do you like most about the sport?

I like meeting interesting people and I like trying to do better every time because it's a really hard sport and it's just exciting to try to do better. When you get better, it makes you want to play more.

What's the hardest thing about the game?

Definitely your mental game, staying in focus the whole time and not getting too upset, because it's really easy to have a bad hole and then get off track for the rest of your round. Sometimes, it's hard not to think about what you did and just forget and go on to the next shot.

What was your best score?

Seventy-three. This summer, I played in a tournament in Ocean City on the Titleist Junior Golf Tour. I got second place.

What's the best part of your game?


I'm pretty good at driving straight. I'm not like the longest hitter, but I can usually drive it straight.

What are you working hardest to improve?

I need to work on my short game, putting and chipping.

What's your personal goal for this season?

I'd like to win counties again because I've already won it the first two years. And I also want to place in the top 5 at states.

Do you feel any pressure on you after winning county championships as a freshman and a sophomore?


I'm just hoping for the best I can do. I usually don't get too nervous, but sometimes I just get angry when I'm not doing too good.

How do you train in the winter?

I have lessons with my coach [Ted Sheftic] and we also have a net in the basement that I can hit into, but I don't use it that often, only in the winter when it's snowing. Actually, sometimes, in my backyard, I hit my golf balls into the snow and when it all melts, I get them.

What did you do on your summer vacation?

I played a lot of golf and I went to the British Virgin Islands with my family and another family that we're friends with. We chartered a [51-foot] boat for 10 days.

What was that like?


We just sailed around to the different islands and went swimming and snorkeling. It was really fun, but it was different because I had never slept on a boat before. It was uncomfortable.

Do you play any other sports?

I used to play soccer, but I stopped for golf. Then in the winter, just for fun, I like to go skiing and snowboarding. We go up to Wisp and Roundtop for the day. We haven't really been out West, but I'd like to go.

Is there a story behind your flamingo club cover?

I like it because it's pink. I wanted something different to have on my club and I really liked that when I saw it in the gift shop when I was volunteering at the LPGA McDonald's Championship at Bulle Rock [in Havre de Grace]. I really wanted it, but my dad said it was late and he told me I could get it the next day, but then it was gone. Someone bought it. I was disappointed, and then I saw it at the [Optimist] nationals in Palm Beach and so I got it there.

Does he have a name?


No. [Laughs]

What's on your iPod?

I like Carrie Underwood. She came to the Delaware fair and I had tickets, but I qualified for a golf tournament, so I couldn't go. I was really disappointed, because she's my favorite singer.