Another shoe drops

The Baltimore Sun

A friend of mine posed a question that keeps replaying in my mind: "Can the Orioles go more than a week without being a national embarrassment?"

I thought that was a little harsh. Then again, he said this before the 11-run inning, the no-hitter and the report that Jay Gibbons received shipments of performance-enhancing drugs.

The report says Gibbons received a shipment of human growth hormone in July 2005, six months after the ban went into effect. Now we must wait for Gibbons to issue a denial or a confession. And for the Orioles to respond in some fashion - perhaps by trying to void the rest of his contract.

Not to be cynical here, but what are the chances that team officials are high-fiving each other right now? This could be their out. This could be a way to get out from under a bad contract.

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