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Algerian bombing kills 28

A car bombing killed 28 officers in Algeria yesterday, days after a blast ripped through a crowd waiting for the president. Both suspected al-Qaida-linked attacks targeted symbols of the government as it tries to end an Islamic insurgency. pg 20a

Price of Chinese imports rises

Get ready for a new Chinese export: higher prices. For years, American consumers have enjoyed falling prices for goods made in China, thanks to relentless cost-cutting by retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target. But the spate of product recalls in recent months has exposed deep fault lines in Chinese manufacturing. pg 26a


Advisers to address Congress

President Bush's top two military and political advisers on Iraq will warn Congress tomorrow that making any significant changes to the current war strategy will jeopardize the limited security and political progress made so far. U.S. Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker will join Gen. David Petraeus in pushing to maintain the U.S. troop increase. pg 3a

Oprah holds Obama fundraiser

Oprah Winfrey rolled out the red carpet yesterday for Barack Obama at a fundraiser attended by high-wattage stars that was expected to raise $3 million for the Democratic presidential candidate. Tickets to the sold-out event were $2,300 apiece, keeping them within campaign finance limits. pg 5a


City candidates' final stretch

Leading candidates for mayor and City Council president rally their volunteers and work the crowds as their strategies shifted from framing the message to getting out the vote. pg 1b

Muslims expand outreach

Using food drives and community events, Muslims statewide are organizing councils to interact with local leaders and to improve understanding of Islam within their communities. pg 1b


Houses wired for sale

High-tech homes - with showers that hit the right temperature automatically and lights programmed to dim, dishwashers to hum -are becoming more numerous in Maryland, but some features add more va-va-voom than value. pg 1L


New Jersey's guiding lights

A tour of New Jersey's lighthouses illuminates the area's maritime history. At 243-year-old Sandy Hook, the nation's oldest original light, an old keeper's contract specified that he was not allowed to use the tower "for selling strong liquor." pg 1r

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