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Advertisers know we want to look like our favorite celebrities. That's why they put their names and faces on everything from clothing to accessories to makeup, skin and hair-care lines.

But do we want to smell like the stars? Apparently we do.

Ever since Elizabeth Taylor launched her best-selling White Diamonds perfume in 1991, a celebrity just doesn't seem like a celebrity without a fragrance to peddle.

Here's the latest way to smell like some of your favorite singers:

1. 3121 by Prince


$31 -$70

The purple one has a purple fragrance with an aroma as exotic as he is. It's florals and musk, and as much sensual as it is overtly sexy.

Where to get it:

Select Macy's department stores.

Why we like it:

It's not an everyday kind of scent. But the patchouli and sandalwood, orange flower and jasmine in 3121 mix with cedarwood and gardenia to create a mix that will "purple" reign in your assortment of nighttime fragrances. And the purple bottle is absolutely decadent.

2. Usher by Usher Raymond



Usher's sexiness and urban appeal is captured in this pair of fragrances - for men and women. But the incense-like aromas also reveal another side of Usher we didn't know he had: sweet.

Where to get it:

Available next month at department stores.

Why we like it:

It's so sweet, it makes us love Usher even more than we do when he appears in promos with his shirt off! Scents of red currant and pink freesia combine with apple blossom, jasmine, amber wood and incense. Some guys might find the sweetness a little too feminine for their tastes, but true Usher-types are in touch with their sensitive sides.

3. M by Mariah by Mariah Carey


$39.50 - $175

Carey hits a high note with this melodious fragrance that she has stamped with her first initial as well as her flair for the dramatic.

Where to get it:

Select department stores, such as Macy's, Sephora and Ulta.

Why we like it:

Known for her vocal range, Carey emulates the scope she's perfected in the studio with this clever mix of flowers, Moroccan incense and - ever the one for surprises - marshmallows! The sugary treat is meant to evoke a sense of comfort, but she gives the scent a soulful edge with amber and patchouli flower. Makes you want to sing!

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