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Substantial fare at Kolpers in Hampden

The Baltimore Sun

How you feel about Kolpers, a tavern with upscale aspirations in Hampden, is going to depend a lot on how you felt about the old Frazier's, before it moved to the Avenue. Kolpers gives off the same sort of vibe. The building's owners, David and Connie Kolper, spent three years renovating an 18th-century cotton mill, located in such an out-of-the-way place that even some people who live in Hampden don't realize it's there. At the moment, the place is mired, almost literally, in construction on all sides, which can't be good for business.

So I didn't take it as necessarily a bad sign that Kolpers was empty on the end-of-August night we were there. There were three people at the bar, and another couple sitting in the dining room. That was it.


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