Aiming for a new level

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Liberty senior Colton Weaver is one of the top quarterbacks in the Monocacy Valley Athletic League, throwing for 2,099 yards and 17 touchdowns last season. His team, however, has struggled, finishing 0-10 a year ago. Now, the third-year starter hopes to turn around the Lions' fortunes and also land himself a college scholarship.

You really showed improvement last season, especially with respect to your statistics. Do you feel like that kind of improvement can continue?

The numbers really don't mean that much to me. I'm just trying to help our team win, to be honest. But I do feel like I'm getting better every year because of the various camps I've been to and just being more experienced at the varsity level. I think it just helps you make better decisions.

What kinds of camps have you attended?

I've been to college scouting camps at Pittsburgh and Georgetown, and I've been to camps at James Madison and Penn State. I went to a quarterback camp at St. Paul's [School], and I went to Houston for a seven-on-seven, which was pretty good.

You also play basketball and baseball. Is football the sport you want to pursue at the next level?

Yes, that's my main focus. I love playing basketball and baseball, but football is my main sport.

What makes football special for you?

I guess I was raised to be a football fanatic. My dad went to Penn State, and we were diehard Penn State fans. I was just always brought up playing football in the backyard with the neighborhood kids. I've always been around football.

How has the recruiting process gone?

It's stressful, but it's fun to be wanted by schools you've been watching on TV.

What schools have shown the most interest?

Three schools I'm looking at right now really hard are Franklin & Marshall, Lafayette and Dayton. There's a couple others, but those are probably the main three.

Is it tough for you, psychologically, doing your best to impress college scouts on a team that hasn't had much success the past couple of years?

I've always just tried to focus on hoping our team wins and scoring points. I guess the recruiting is always in the back of your mind, but I think this year, especially, it's really not bothering me too much.

Do you have higher expectations for the team this season?

Yes, we're actually looking vastly improved. Our defense looks solid, and we have a lot of good offensive players coming back, too. We should have a solid year, I would think.

What's the No. 1 thing that Liberty needs to do to improve?

Finishing drives and scoring points at the crucial moments of the game is what we need to work on. Also, we need to stop the run on defense.

How about yourself as a quarterback? What do you need to improve upon to make it on the next level?

Making better decisions. Throwing away the ball on first down inside the 10 ... things like that. Giving our team a chance to win every game. Don't put us in a bad position.

What do you like to do when you're not playing?

My friends I like to hang out, and I go fishing with my family. I refereed basketball games for kids, helped coach football ... I'm a pretty big sports guy. I also really like Breaking Benjamin, the band, and King of Queens I'd say is my favorite show. If I don't have practice, I'm watching it.

Do you have any siblings who play sports?

I have a younger brother, Jordan Weaver, who's a sophomore on the varsity team this year. He's a linebacker.

So you go up against him in practice. What's that been like?

We haven't really had any collisions yet, but I'm hoping to have one soon.

Who's going to win that collision?

I'm definitely going to win. He weighs more than me, but I'm a little taller.

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