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Matchups to watch

The Baltimore Sun

Samari Rolle vs. Chad Johnson

Rolle is trying to rebound from a disappointing season a year ago. He started well in training camp, being aggressive and attacking receivers at the line of scrimmage. But he still might be showing the effects of a sprained ankle he suffered several weeks ago. It will be interesting to see if he presses Johnson at the line of scrimmage. Johnson talks constantly, but usually can back it up. He can run short routes, but his forte is going deep. Johnson is not a physical receiver, but he runs his routes crisply. Edge: Johnson.

Terrell Suggs vs. Andrew Whitworth

Levi Jones might start in place of Whitworth, but Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is keeping it a secret. If it's Jones, Suggs will struggle because Jones is super strong and can match Suggs' quickness. Whitworth is big and smart, but Suggs will be able to run around him. Suggs is a versatile player who can play with finesse or power. Edge: Suggs.

Ed Reed vs. Carson Palmer

This should be a good cat-and-mouse game. As much as Reed loves to study film, there is now enough film for quarterbacks to study him. They know Reed likes to gamble, and he was baited several times last year for big plays. Palmer goes deep on the Ravens several times a game. When Reed is playing within the scheme of a defense, he can take away the deep third of a field. He'll have to play well against the Bengals because they have two talented receivers on the outside. Edge: Even.

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