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Lean hitting cuisine

The Baltimore Sun

It's no wonder Brian Roberts stays in such excellent shape. The man orders a fruit platter for lunch while sitting by the hotel pool.

No sloppy burgers and fries for the leadoff hitter.

I tried to follow his example, but the chocolate syrup probably defeated the purpose.

Carlos Pena has hit the C ring catwalk at Tropicana Field five times this season - a sentence I never thought I'd be typing. That's a single-season Devil Rays record, but I'm assuming the folks who run the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown aren't asking for his bat.

Pena said he talked to the ball Monday last night as it headed toward the right-field seats, telling it to "hit something." The Orioles should try the same thing when they have runners in scoring position. Maybe they can persuade convince the ball to hit one of their bats.

Aubrey Huff and Jose Canseco held the Devil Rays single-season home run record at 34 before Pena passed them Monday night. Huff congratulated Pena.

"He said, 'I thought no one would ever do that,'" Pena said. "He's a funny guy. He's a comedian."

Hey, did you hear the one about the free-agent slugger who didn't get hot until August?


Nick Markakis played the carom and fired the ball back to the infield, even though he knew it was a home run. He tried to fool the umpires, but to no avail.

My guess is first base umpire Paul Nauert would have fallen for the "got your nose" trick. He wasn't exactly sharp Monday night. Besides blowing the call on Carl Crawford, he also incorrectly ruled Melvin Mora safe in the same inning.

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