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If you want to know one reason why we have obese, fidgety, restless kids who can't concentrate in school or resolve conflicts with their peers, look to the school playground.

Yet another elementary school has banned tag on the playground, this time in Colorado Springs, Colo. The assistant principal said tag "causes a lot of conflict on the playground."

Have Americans really become averse to children falling down, getting hurt, competing and learning to deal with all kinds of kids and behaviors? Schools do no service in trying to protect kids from the ordinary rough-and-tumble of life.

But even more disturbing than the bans on particular games is the trend toward eliminating all unstructured play and games - by eliminating recess altogether.

Those schools are seriously underestimating the role that recess breaks play in improving kids' concentration in class. And they seriously overestimate fears of bullying and problems on the playground. Where it's a problem it's typically because of a lack of supervision.

We're headed toward a society where kids have no idea how to deal with free time or conflict and increasingly choose sedentary, solitary games. Bring back not only recess and spontaneous games for kids but adults who get it: Playground supervision is anything but a nuisance.

- The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee

Rich, white property owners are disproportionately hurt by eminent domain abuse.

Just kidding.

A new report from the Institute for Justice looked at 184 areas where the use of eminent domain was approved for private economic development projects. On average, the residents were poorer, less educated, less likely to own property, and more likely to be racial minorities.

- Jacob Sullum, Reason

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